BraZen Universal Audio Wireless Kit – Receiver and Transmitter

Upgrade your gaming chair and make it genuinely wireless! The BraZen Universal Audio Wireless Kit will work with all brands of gaming chairs currently available on the UK market - including BraZen, X-Dream, X-Rocker and Gioteck models. The kit will enable you to turn a gaming chair which currently only has BLUETOOTH and/or hard wired connectivity into a wireless one as well. It should be noted that this BraZen Universal Audio Wireless Kit can be used with a multitude of other devices where you are seeking to connect an audio output signal wirelessly to another device with an audio input socket.
The Audio Wireless Kit comprises of one transmitter and one receiver and two B5 cables. You simply connect the receiver to the audio in on your gaming chair and the transmitter to the audio out on the audio source (eg television, smart phone, games console, etc). You may need to acquire additional audio cables depending on the range of audio sources you which to connect to. Compatible with all audio gaming chairs and will enable you to turn any audio chair into a wireless system. Batteries are not included.
  • One transmitter
  • One receiver
  • Two B5 Cables
  • Two A3 Male Cables
  • Batteries not included (2 AAA batteries in each of the receiver and transmitter)
  • 863 MHz, 3 channel selector
  • Reliable reception upto 60 feet.